how to check airpods battery on android

Looking For The Best Guide On How to check AirPods battery on Android?

We know your Frustration. Let us tell you How to check AirPods battery on Android. It is well knowledge that AirPods function not just with Apple products but also with Android handsets. Even yet, there are several functions that you would lose if you link AirPods to Android.

Well, the Airpods Pro’s sound canceling and transparent feature still operate. Still, you can’t utilize Siri or even monitor the battery status. The best part is that several decent Airpods replacements today run considerably smoother with Android.

However, several provide higher audio quality but also extra functionality. Suppose you’re utilizing AirPods with an Android mobile device and desire. In that case, you can see the charge status and charge case status like iOS consumers. This guide will demonstrate to you how to check the battery life of your AirPods on Android.

Quick Summary: An Air Battery application allows you to view your Airpods earbuds’ battery status. When you link your AirPods to the Android smartphone, the charge state of the earbuds and charge station gets shown.

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While AirPods may get readily connected to Android smartphones and other non-Apple products, there is no built-in mechanism to monitor the charge state. Airpods are more convenient to utilize with Apple smartphones since the connecting method is smoother.

Apple products get built to display the battery level of both the Earbuds and the casing. Linking AirPods to non-Apple phones requires explicit connection, and monitoring the battery condition involves third-party software.

There are a variety of third-party applications available in the Google store that enable you to monitor the battery condition of AirPods and other digital connectivity. These applications are entirely from third-party developers, and in-app adverts frequently monetize them. Let’s look at how to check AirPods battery on Android.

How to check AirPods battery on Android?

Let’s see some solutions.

Air Battery

For Android smartphones, Air Battery displays the remaining charge capacity of your AirPods. When the application gets installed, accessing your AirPods charge cover will produce a pop-up screen on your device that indicates the available battery capacity.

There’s a locking screen alert that displays battery capacity. Still, you’ll have to purchase the application’s Pro version to use it. It is also simpler to browse as a Talkback consumer; however, the consumer encounter might vary based on your handset. Follow the steps below for How to check AirPods battery on Android

  • To monitor the charge state of your Airpods on a Device, please install the Air Battery application from the Google Store
  • Before using the application, you must first grant it the appropriate authorization.
  • When you pull one of the already linked AirPods from the case, a review displays on your screen; as you might remember, that is from the Apple device.
  • It displays the charge state of both earbuds on one side and the charge and storing box on another.

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Configure The Air Battery Application

You may access the app’s options section by tapping the tool symbol on the top right side, whereas the pop-up gets shown. You may choose when or not to display the information window while your AirPods get paired to your device. Advertisements support the application’s free edition.

Tip: We suggest that you go inside the application and buy the Premium upgrade for 1$. You can get free of the applications and check the battery capacity of your AirPods directly in the status bar, which is helpful.

You may disable the ads for a one-time purchase. In the premium upgrade, you could also have the charge level of the AirPods earbuds shown at frequent intervals.

There are certain restrictions; you can’t check its power left until both AirPods plugins. In addition, the application only displays battery capacity in 10% intervals. Air Battery also functions with BeatsX earphones. The manufacturer wants to add compatibility for a few additional Beats devices in future releases.

Material Pods

  • Navigate to Playstore and install the Material Pods application. This software is free; however, you must pay an in-app payment to access more services. Fortunately, there is no requirement to invest in essential features like the AirPods charging monitor on Android.
  • Complete the on-screen directions to keep the application up and running. You must permit the application permission to your GPS and enable it to doodle over other applications. The former is essential to display the iOS-style display with the power status of the AirPods.
  • Now, access the cover and pair your AirPods with your Android device. A display will appear with charge status indications for the earbuds and carrying case. Additionally, the application will show charge percentages in the status bar, allowing you to continuously monitor the AirPod’s charge status on Android. If you don’t like how the application appears, you may modify various personalization options.

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AirPods Features on Android

Apart from Siri and the Fitting Test, all AirPod functionalities operate when linked to an Android smartphone. When connected to an Android smartphone, you can’t utilize your AirPods to request Siri queries since Android does have its digital assistant.

If you’ve just changed your AirPod tips, Android will not immediately detect the right-sized tips. Because the Fit Test feature is only accessible on iOS, changing AirPod tips using an Android smartphone requires experimentation.

Other functionalities are available while wearing AirPods with Android smartphones, but they must get activated via the stem controllers. For instance, on iPhone and Mac, you can start noise canceling through the control center, though that isn’t a choice on Android. For an Android smartphone, this is how to activate the noise cancellation and other functionalities:

  • Noise cancellation: Pinch the stem sensors till a sound gets heard.
  • Audio play: Pinch just once.
  • Skipping a song: Pinch twice.

Bottom Line

AirPods are compatible with all Android smartphones. Previously, there was no convenient method to monitor the battery capacity of your AirPods on Android; however, there is a simple alternative. All you have to do is install Air Battery, a complete application from the Playstore.