How Many Watts Does A PS4 Use

How Many Watts Does A PS4 Use – All Modes Explained For You

As an enthusiastic player, you’ve undoubtedly wondered how much power your PlayStation truly consumes. Perhaps you noticed an increase in your electrical bill after purchasing the PlayStation. As a result, you’re presumably wondering: How many watts does a PS4 use?

Many homes are rethinking their energy habits to lessen their environmental impact. Smart meters make this even simpler by allowing homeowners to see immediate effects on their energy bills. Many factors influence how many watts a PS4 consumes. The most crucial element influencing the number of watts utilized is the PS4 mode.

Quick Answer: A PS4 requires between 165 and 310 watts of power and costs between 2 and 5 cents per hour to run. On a standard LED TV, playing PS4 consumes roughly 200 Watts.

Continue reading the article to get the precise answer when PS4 is In different modes

What is watt?

A watt is a power unit, and it refers to the rate at which a device uses or generates electricity.

How Many Watts Does Play Station Use?

The PlayStation comprises console games, portable gaming devices, and other entertainment items. If we only analyze the consoles below, we will see a significant variation in their power use.

Different PlayStation systems require varying amounts of electricity. It is not enough to say that they use the same energy. Although some may claim that the PlayStation consumes a large amount of power, this is not the case. The electrical consumption of the various PlayStations gets shown below.

  • 3 Watts for the PlayStation 1.
  • 46 Watts for the PlayStation 2.
  • 120 Watts for the PlayStation 3.
  • 140 Watts for the PlayStation 4

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How Many Watts Does A PS4 Use – Different Modes Explained

So How Many Watts Does A PS4 Use? The energy consumption of the PS4 is entirely dependent on the many modes in which the game console gets operated. Let’s briefly look at the PS4’s total power consumption numbers. Following energy monitor testing, here’s a quick rundown of How Many Watts Does A PS4 Use in different modes:

Off mode

Because just an LED bulb operates in switched-off mode, your PS4 requires approximately 0.1 to 0.45 watts of electricity each hour.

Standby Mode

Your PlayStation 4 utilizes approximately 6 to 8 watts of electricity when in standby mode. And when your online connections get turned on, or your game console performs upgrades and downloading, it uses approximately 14 watts per hour.

Classic PS4 Menu Mode’s Power Consumption

The PS4 consumes between 80 and 90 watts per hour when navigating the operational menu

Functions of Blu-ray and Video Apps

When watching movies and videos on Blu-ray Player or other video streaming service apps, the PS4 uses between 100 and 200 watts of power per hour.


Once it comes to gaming, the amount of power consumed gets determined by the quality and graphic engine. It uses approximately 150 watts per hour.

Power Consumption of Pro PS4

Because of its powerful processor and massive hard drive, the PS4 Pro is the most powerful version.

Menu Mode

It uses about 75 watts of electricity per hour while in menu mode.

Blu Ray and Video App Function

When watching movies and videos on Blu-ray Player or other video service applications, the PS4 Pro uses 85 watts of power, far less than the PS4 original


PS4 requires around 165 watts of electricity because of its quicker frame costs and rising quality.

Power Consumption of Slim PS4

Menu Mode

In menu mode, it uses about 45 watts per hour and less than the Playstation 4 classic and Pro

Functions of Blu-ray and Video Apps

In video mode, it uses about 55 watts of power per hour, which is significantly below other PS4 models


The PS4 slim consumes approximately 77 watts of electricity per hour in gaming mode.

Power Consumption Of Older PlayStation Vs New PS4

The PlayStation 4 appears to consume a lot of electricity since you can feel hot air flowing out of its rear when you use it. The newest PlayStation consoles, such as the PS3 and PS4, consume far more energy than previous consoles.

The earlier models did not use as much power as the modern ones, with more advanced features and quicker CPUs. A variety of things influence electricity use. If your gadget is charged or rechargeable, it gets determined by the type of device, the period you are using, and the quantity of energy or degree of charging it receives.

Some individuals even skip using the PlayStation in favor of another system because they believe it is terrible for the environment. It is not entirely accurate due to various factors like your playtime, running time, standby time, etc.

How To Save Electricity On A Ps4?

If you implement the necessary instructions, you may lower your console’s energy usage.

  • Some energy-saving adjustments can get made in standby mode. You can, for example, instruct the controller not to access the internet while in this sleep mode, blocking automated updates.
  • To play Blu-ray discs, you’ll need a Blu-ray player. It only consumes about 20 Watts, up to 80 Watts less each hour than the PlayStation.
  • The sleep mode saves much more money. It comes in useful when you stop your game and then want to resume precisely where you left off.
  • Insert a switchable multiple-socket connector. It lets you turn off all gadgets completely, requiring no power while not using a console.

Final Thought

We can see that the PS4’s power consumption is affected by several parameters, including the Playstation model, method of operation, and the cost of electricity in your state.

We hope you now have a better understanding of which PS4 model is suitable for you, depending on wattage. So now you know how much energy the PlayStation systems use, you can evaluate whether or not they are worth utilizing.

With the additional capabilities added to the system, most users conclude that the console is worth purchasing and playing. It is due to the console’s availability of fantastic games.