How To Slow Down A Video On iPhone

How To Slow Down A Video On iPhone – Things You Never Knew

Looking for methods on how to slow down a video on iPhone? Smartphones and applications, including video recording and editing features, are regularly upgraded. You may have clips playing in super-fast or slow motion with a few well-placed clicks. Most video editing software has this function, but you don’t have to upload the clips to your computer; you can do it all from your device.

Furthermore, Apple’s built-in video editor in the Photos app is straightforward enough for most users for essential modifications such as cropping and filtering. But you’re new to video editing and want to know How To Slow Down A Video On iPhone; whether for TikTok or Instagram reel

Do you want to add some drama to your videos? Using the Photos app and iMovie, this article explains how to adjust the video speed of slo-mo iPhone films to different speeds. All the most recent iPhone devices got covered by these instructions.

Slow Motion Video on iPhone

When you record a slow-motion movie with your iPhone, the footage is played back at a reduced frame rate, giving the impression that it is moving more slowly than it is actually. The average viewing speed on an iPhone is 60 frames per second (FPS).

You’ll need to shoot at a higher frame rate if you want to produce a slow-motion video. Slo-mo has been a regular feature on iPhone camera models since the iPhone 5S. To use Slo-mo on your iPhone, go to the App Store and type Slo-mo into the search bar. It will enable you to gather additional information.

How To Slow Down A Video On iPhone

To answer How To Slow Down A Video On iPhone, It depends on the sort of file you’re dealing with; you may slow up a movie on an iPhone in two ways. If you used the iPhone’s Slo-Mo function to create a movie, you are good to go, or you can upload it to the free program and utilize its native speed tool: iMovie

Recording the Slowing Video and Editing in Photos App on an iPhone

It’s simple to create the Slow-mo effect on the iPhone.

  • Step#1: Go to the camera app on your iPhone and scroll down until you see “Slow motion.”
  • Step#2: To begin recording, hit the red center button after you’ve selected slow motion. The duration of the video recording gets displayed at the top of the screen. To stop the recording, press the record button once more.
  • Step#3: The recording will then get saved in the iPhone’s gallery to wait. To see your recording, tap the thumbnail. It may get found in the bottom-left corner. Your new slow-motion video will instantly begin to play.

Note: Your video’s frame rate and quality get governed by the iPhone model you’re using. Set your Slo-mo settings to the highest quality for the best results.

Now the whole video is recorded at a high Frame rate, and you can edit it as per your need by following the below procedure.

  • Step#1: Open the Video from the photos app, and at the bottom of the video, select Edit.
  • Step#2: The speed gets controlled by the second slider at the bottom. Select only the movie sections you wish to see in slow motion using the left and right sliders. Outside of the two sliders, everything will play at standard speed.
  • Step#3: To save your changes, tap Done.

Note: You may return to the file and restore slow motion anytime in the video by dragging the drag bars.

Slow Down A Video On iPhone Using iMovie – Pre-Recorded Videos

Apple’s iMovie is a good option if you want a movie-editing program that is a little more advanced than Photos. The iMovie program includes a variety of video editing tools. The iMovie app can get downloaded from the App Store for free. Once you have the app ready, follow the below steps for How To Slow Down A Video On iPhone

  • Step#1: To make a new project, open iMovie on your iPhone and hit +. It may get found in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Step#2: Tap Movie, then Choose a Video and Create a Movie. It allows you to modify the video in iMovie.
  • Step#3: When you tap the video in the editor, icons and choices will appear at the bottom. The speedometer symbol should get tapped next to activate the speed controls
  • Step#4: The default value of speed is “1,” which means the video plays at standard speed; the further to the left you drag, the slower the movie plays. To see how the video appears and sounds at its new speed, tap the preview.
  • Step#5: Once everything is ok, save the video in the gallery.

Note: If you move the slider to the right past the “1” value, it will speed up the video

Slow Down Video On Snapchat – iPhone

Snapchat has a tool that allows you to slow-motion video as one of the built-in features. It slows down and alters the video playing speed, resulting in a fantastic video. So, before you share it on Snapchat, acquire your video and figure out how to slow it down. Follow the steps below.

  • Step#1: Shoot a video on Snapchat or pick a video from your Camera Roll
  • Step#2: Select Edit and Swipe horizontally until the screen displays a snail icon.
  • Step#3: The slow-motion effect will get applied to your video, and to share the slow-mo video on Snapchat, use the share icon.

Bottom Line

You don’t need any special equipment or software to speed up the video if you don’t want it to be in slo-mo any longer or just for fun. All you’ll need is your iPhone to get started. In comparison to the desktop version, the iPhone mobile app allows you to edit films on your phone at any time and submit them to social media sites in real-time. However, their duties are also more straightforward and more fundamental as a result. Using several third-party programs to have further control over your video is a fantastic way to go.

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