How to Fix Android Setup Keeps Stopping

How to Fix “Android Setup Keeps Stopping” Issue

Error “Android Setup Keeps Stopping” can make operating your Android device difficult, hindering its proper function and leading to further inconvenience for its user.

Swiping through pop-ups doesn’t define user experience – rather, optimizing your device and providing an error-free user journey are essential components.

If you ignore this problem, you risk missing updates, having trouble using apps, and frequent crashes. Ignoring this problem can seriously affect productivity, connectivity, and device enjoyment.

By immediately resolving this problem, you can reclaim control over your gadget and guarantee peak performance and comfort.

Understanding the “Android Setup Keeps Stopping” Issue

Definition of “Android Setup Keeps Stopping” Error

An Android device’s initial setup commonly encounters the “Android Setup Keeps Stopping” error, interrupting normal operation and preventing users from finishing necessary activities. It usually needs troubleshooting steps and might be caused by corrupted system files, incompatible programs, or software issues.

Potential Reasons Behind the Issue

There are major reasons behind the “Android Setup Keeps Stopping” issue:

    1. Software Glitches.
    2. Incompatible Apps.
    3. Corrupted System Files.
    4. Insufficient Storage Space.
    5. Outdated Software.
    6. Network Connectivity Problems.
    7. Hardware Issues.
    8. Third-party Customizations.
    9. User Data Corruption.
    10. Overloaded System Resources.

Troubleshooting Steps “Android Setup Keeps Stopping”

  • Restart Your Device

To resolve the “Android Setup Keeps Stopping” issue, you should restart your device.

This will address several potential causes of the issue, such as:

    • Removing Temporary Data
    • Refreshing System Processes
    • Reinitializing Hardware
    • Resetting Background Apps
    • Starting System Checks
    • Providing a Clean Slate for the Setup Process.

Restart your device by following the steps below:

      1. Press and hold the Power Button, until the power menu appears.
      2. Then tap Restart

How to Fix Android Setup Keeps Stopping

After trying this solution, check if the issue persists. If it is not solved, proceed to the next solution.

  • Clear Cache and Data

The “Android Setup Keeps Stopping” problem can be resolved by clearing the cache and data since doing so removes corrupted or out-of-date temporary files, fixes app bugs, increases performance, modifies app settings, and makes the setup process run more smoothly by reducing setup issues.

To clear cache and data, follow the actions listed below:

      1. Navigate to Settings
      2. Go to More Settings
      3. Tap on Applications
      4. Select AllHow to Fix Android Setup Keeps Stopping
      5. Choose Android System WebView
      6. Then, go to Storage
      7. Finally, Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data

How to Fix Android Setup Keeps Stopping

If the problem still exists. Go to the next action.

  • Force Stop/Disable System Setup

Some people had trouble cleaning their cache. Instead, turn off the Android Setup entirely. When an error occurs, some phone models display App Info as well as the Close App option.

After selecting the App Info, select Disable. All your app-related activities will be deleted.

Follow the below steps to Force Stop/Disable System Setup:

      1. Navigate to Settings
      2. Go to More Settings
      3. Tap on Applications
      4. Select All
      5. Choose Android System WebView
      6. Tap on Force Stop

How to Fix Android Setup Keeps Stopping

Verify whether the problem still exists. If it has not been resolved, move on to the next one.

  • Update Android System Software

The “Android Setup Keeps Stopping” problem can be fixed by updating the Android system software, which also improves performance, security, compatibility, bug repairs, and feature upgrades.

Note: Make sure your Android device has a proper internet connection.

To Update Android System Software, please follow the steps below:

      1. Go to Settings
      2. Tap on System Update
      3. If there is any update, tap on Download and Install

How to Fix Android Setup Keeps Stopping

  • Wipe the Cache Partition

Try cleaning the cache partition by going into recovery and choosing Wipe the cache partition if the above instructions don’t work. This maintains the system cache, however, if a major problem arises, it is suggested to attempt.

Here are the procedures for wiping the cache partition on your Android.

      1. Switch OFF your Android device.
      2. Both the Power and Volume Up buttons should be pressed and held.

Note: To access Recovery modes on some devices—like Samsung—you must hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons while on others, you must need a USB connection to connect the device to a PC.

      1. Hold both buttons until the boot logo appears.
      2. Select Wipe Cache Partition from the menu by using the Volume Keys.
      3. To verify the option, press the Power Button.
  • Reset App Preferences

If none of the previous alternatives work, resetting all the app preferences may be the answer.

Note: This resets the permissions of the apps on your device to their original settings without erasing any app data.

Perform these few steps:

      1. Launch to Settings
      2. Select More Settings
      3. Tap on Applications
      4. Go to All
      5. Choose Reset App Preferences in the bottom right corner
      6. Confirm the action by clicking Reset Apps

How to Fix Android Setup Keeps Stopping

Hey there! Are you still facing that issue? Don’t worry, we are here to assist with advanced troubleshooting steps! Let’s move on to this troubleshooting guide’s advanced section for assistance.

Advanced Troubleshooting Steps

  • Factory Reset

If the issue persists after clearing your app cache and data, a factory reset may be necessary on your Android device.

Note: Before undertaking a factory reset, it is highly advised to back up any files and data of particular importance to prevent possible loss during this process.

Execute the steps given below to accomplish a factory reset:

      1. Launch to Settings
      2. Select More Settings
      3. Tap on Backup & Reset
      4. Choose Erase All Data

How to Fix Android Setup Keeps Stopping

After completing the factory reset check whether the issue was solved or not. If not recommended contact the device manufacturer for further assistance.

  • Contacting Manufacturer Support

If the problem persists despite troubleshooting efforts, you should contact the Android device manufacturer for specific solutions. They possess the expertise and resources to guarantee that your device gets the care it needs for an effective fix.

Preventive Measures

There are some preventive tips for avoiding this error:

  • Regularly update apps and system software
  • Be cautious with third-party apps
  • Monitor device performance for any unusual behavior


Are you tired of seeing the “Android Setup Keeps Stopping” error message on your device?

No need to worry; our comprehensive guide offers effective solutions that can help you address the issue.

However, we understand that not all solutions work equally for every device or situation. Therefore, we invite you to share your experiences in the comments section so others may gain from your wisdom.

No matter the issue – rebooting, clearing cache/data, updating system software or even seeking help from manufacturers – there will always be an avenue of escape.

Don’t hesitate to share your experiences and help others find an appropriate solution for their device.


Q1: Why does my phone keep saying the Android setup keeps stopping?

Usually, this problem is caused by faults or malfunctions in the system that can be fixed by restarting your device, wiping the data and cache, or updating your program. Is it possible to resolve the setup wizard problem without erasing my data? Yes, most fixes, including rebooting, cleaning your cache, or turning off programs, won’t have an impact on your data.

Q2: Is it safe to hard reset Android?

While your smartphone’s storage won’t be impacted by a hard reset, any data saved to non-autosave apps may be lost when the device restarts. Sometimes, a hard reset is called a “force restart.”

Q3: Does factory reset delete Android?

Does an Android factory reset erase everything? Yes, a factory reset returns your Android device to stock condition by wiping off all its data, applications, and settings.