How long does GoPro battery last

How Long Does A GoPro Battery Last – Everything You Need to Know

GoPro cameras, commonly known as action cams, capture and modify photos. This is complicated, but let’s see considerable ways of how long does a GoPro battery last? Generally, individuals choose a battery life of around 10 hours, and the battery life will vary depending on how often you use it.

When capturing video, depending on the quality, you may get between 1 to 2 hours to fully charge, which would be a significant improvement over earlier versions because it was only 30 minutes earlier.

GoPro cameras are best recognized for their video capabilities, and they can also take excellent still images. In addition, the HERO Black has received several significant enhancements that significantly enhance still photographs. But, let’s see how long does a GoPro battery last?

How Long Should You Charge Your GoPro Battery?

It can take up to 4 hours to fully charge your GoPro’s battery unless you utilize a minimal power source like a computer / Laptop. This shouldn’t take more than 2 hours unless you’re using a regular AC charging cable. After one hour, it should be around 80%. Even though the GoPro battery is used for a small time, some factors can increase its lifespan.

Three Factors That Shorten the Lifespan of a GoPro Battery

Here are three variables that might shorten the life of your GoPro’s battery, in sequence:

  • So many more services: If you switch on several functions, your batteries may deplete quicker (wifi GPS, voice control, voice control ).
  • If indeed the weather is chilly, the water will drain swiftly.
  • Battery capacity reduces as you become older.

How long does a GoPro battery last?

By following the above factors, you can increase the lifespan of GoPro. But, the real question is how long does a GoPro battery last? Before seeing that let’s see what is a GoPro camera.

GoPro cameras are among the most sophisticated 360-degree cameras on the market. For a viewer, it delivers high-quality footage at 5.2k/30fps. Several of the functions of these cameras are similar to those of previous GoPros. This is indeed a beta product currently in the early stages of development.

With the excellent quality given by the provider, you might even get some great photos. However, to have good comments, you will have to maintain a battery power of 5.2k.

Can Gropro cameras be used underwater? Yes, they can. Although the Fusion is waterproof to a depth of 16 feet, there is a light reduction pattern, and this results in poor underwater. GoPro fusion batteries are used for upto 1-5 hours by measuring their qualities.

It is also possible to eliminate the batteries. The duration varies based on the video mode used, although not excessive.

Fusion’s biggest opportunity is in this area. Viewers may use the Overcapture tool to convert 360 videos onto standard views. It is, nevertheless, still a work in progress.

This battery stay up to 1.5–2 hours if the following criteria are used:

  • Continuous video recording in 1080p @ 60 frames per second (the most popular video setting)

What are the methods to increase the GoPro battery life?

As we have seen, how long does the GoPro battery last there are methods to increase its life.

Tip #1: You can activate the Automatic Power Off feature

May we have never used this method. But, this method is very useful. Once you enable ‘Auto Power Off,’ the GoPro would power itself off after two minutes of operation. Anyone else who wants to preserve battery capacity would appreciate this function.

If you do not know how long a video or photo session will go and want to preserve that much power and control, this option can be pretty handy. Go to Settings> Auto Power Off to activate this auto-shutoff.

Tip #2: Use the Sleep Mode

Before the camera shuts off, you may shoot one last video clip in Sleep Mode. This helps to extend the life of the battery. Here on GoPro, navigate to Settings > General to activate this mode. After you’ve finished filming, put your camera in a sleep state to reduce the chances of accidentally turning on.

Tip #3:Remove Unnecessary Mounts and Accessories

Different settings reduce battery life & increase recharge periods. Should remove extra attachments such as external microphones to lengthen the life of the GoPro’s battery.

Tip #4: Disconnect from the internet

If you’re not using the GoPro remote or the app, turning off the wifi on your action camera is a good idea. This would save battery life by preventing data transmission that isn’t essential.

Tip #5: Decrease Quality and Frames Speed

You can extend the battery capacity of the GoPro by lowering the resolution and frame rate. These options might offer you extra time to record those special moments without worrying about running out of battery.

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What are the accessories for GoPro battery life?

  1. The adapter comes with multiple batteries

Everyone would have a backup battery. Aside from GoPro Originals, there are many other brands to choose from.

This implies that you have no other option except to buy original GoPro batteries. An excellent third-party battery is also reasonably priced. When you’re using Hero 4, you may still get alternative batteries.

Two batteries are included with the camera, and if you require more, you may purchase them.

  1. Backpack Batteries

Batteries Backpac is only available to Hero 4s. The Hero 5 and Hero 6 no longer have the 30-pin connection. With both the Backpack, you can film for around 4 hours, the same as adding another battery. Bacpac connects to the rear of your GoPro and extends battery life by 15%.

May use the USB c connector on the side to connect an extra battery.

Could use it to charge while at work or doing anything else when changing a battery is problematic. The battery or charging status is displayed on an LCD, and an LED light shows the status of the camera’s recording.

  1. Portable Charger

A power bank is an excellent alternative for practically any mobile device, such as an iPhone or iPad. And GoPro is no different.

When capturing time-lapses or stable sceneries, you didn’t discover your GoPro. You can use the GoPro power charging cable whenever you can’t charge the battery.


In this article, the question is, how long does a GoPro battery last? Is answered. The GoPro battery life depends on the frame, resolution, and the place where the battery is used. There are various methods to increase the GoPro battery’s life.