How To Search For High-Resolution Images On Google

How To Search For High Resolution Images On Google – Mobile & PC

Suppose you are gathering images to accompany your life narrative essays. In that case, you will most likely be using photographs from your life.

But don’t feel obligated to limit your book’s photos to everything you’ve on hand.

If you need to fill in any gaps or spice up the graphics in your work. In that case,

there are plenty of sources to find unique photographs that are accessible,

high quality, and do not infringe on someone else’s rights. Google is among the most convenient websites.

But now you might be thinking about how to search for high-resolution images on google. Please keep on to know all techniques about your question.

How To Search For High-Resolution Images On Google? – By Using A PC

Suppose you want to search for high-resolution photographs on Google using a PC. It would be best to use the well-known search tool,

which could be used like Windows Pc / Laptop, using any browser to access the Internet, including Google Chrome.

Then, launch your preferred browser and navigate to In the text field in the center,

enter the search term you want to locate one or more high-resolution images and click the button.

You can use the keyboard on your PC to confirm the search. After typing or speaking the search phrase.

Click the photographs tab at the top to show the precise outcomes for the note of such images.

To find only high-resolution pictures, click on the item instruments and pick the size from the menu below.

Put a checkmark beside the item great, or select the option Greater than

When you hit the Greater than a button in the first example, you would only get shown huge photographs.

You would be required to select your chosen resolution:

  • The resolution HD 720p = 1280 × 720 pixels.
  • Full HD 1080p = 1920 × 1080 pixels.
  • 4K = 3840 × 2160 pixels.

In addition, by selecting Exact measurements, you can manually enter the width and height of the photos to be searched in units of pixels (px).

If you wish to save an image after recognizing it, click on it to see it in a bigger size, then right-click and select Save picture from the context menu.

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How To Search For High-Resolution Images On Google? Mobile Or Tablet

Searching for high-resolution photographs on Google from smartphones and tablets is straightforward and quick.

In this instance, you will also require a browser to access the Internet: Google Chrome, a free Google browser available for Android & apple, or Safari for iOS.

Connect to the Google home page immediately (if it gets not already set as the home page), then in the search engine in the middle.

Put in the phrase you’re interested in or hit the microphone icon to start a voice search stating the term you want to search for high-resolution photographs.

Press the button to confirm the investigation. Use your device’s keypad to search or tap the magnifying glass icon.

Following that, you will get shown the key outcomes: Choose the images tab, then click HD to access all media assets.

You can only get viewed high-resolution photographs this way.

If you want to save a picture to your smartphone after discovering it, you can tap on it and keep your finger down.

Select Download image (Android) or Save Picture (iOS) from the menu.

What Is Google Advanced Image Search?

The sophisticated image search on Google is another option for searching for high-resolution images on google.

This tool, which can get used from a PC, mobile phone, or tablet, allows users to search for pictures by combining various advanced filters, such as the exact dimensions.

To use it, go to its official site and enter some keywords into the text boxes in the section Find photos.

Next, create a filter for search results that refers to the elements. Then limit the results to.

If you wish to make high-resolution photographs, utilize the Image size drop-down option and select larger than 1024 768 or higher than 2 to 70 megapixels.

Ultimately, hit the Advanced search option to verify the search using the set filters, check the results, and save the image using the abovementioned processes.

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How To Find Quality Images On Google?

Despite this strategy, we will identify one or more photographs that do not match the standards.

However, the site will display great photos. How can we tell whether an image is of high quality? One method is to learn how to compute resolutions. Another advantage is that you will appreciate this advice unless you’re a demanding user; we have previously tested it, and it worked for us.

  • Click on the Picture that piques your curiosity when you view the results.
  • A black window containing the Picture, identifying its source and resolution in pixels, is usually open on the right side.
  • If you observe that the image suggests a more excellent resolution. Still, the Picture gets framed in a bit of a box on display; it is likely low quality. We checked it by traveling to the source of the image. We discovered that, while it appears enormous, it lacks resolution.
  • The secret is to stare at the dark display after choosing the image. If you notice that perhaps the idea is broad and leaves nearly no space in the viewer, you’ve found a high-quality one.

Final Thought

To summarise, we hope this article about how to search for high-quality images on Google is helpful to you.

After reading the above steps, you can now conveniently search for high-resolution images on Google on the system. The steps mentioned above are described as detailed and simple to follow.