How To Clean Xbox One Easily

How To Clean Xbox One Easily Without Damaging It?

One of the most crucial components of having an Xbox is keeping it clean at all times to prevent dust collection from causing internal harm. Dust may quickly build upon the console, producing a slew of problems. Look no further if you’re wondering how to How To Clean Xbox One Safely. Here are some tips for cleaning your Xbox One system.

How To Clean Xbox One – Methods

Microsoft does not encourage opening your game console and instead advises you to seek expert help for any internal repairs. Dust, grime, hair, and debris may get inside your Xbox and lead it to overheat and malfunction if you don’t clean it regularly. Nonetheless, to thoroughly clean an Xbox, The best solution is to disassemble your Xbox and clean it from the inside out, but only if your warranty has expired. However, if you are unsure, it is usually preferable to seek expert assistance for inside repairs.

Here’s how to clean Xbox One, as well as the items you’ll need.

Cleaning Your Xbox One Outside

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe fingerprints, grime, and other smudges off the exterior of your Xbox One; It will assist get rid of a lot of the dust that collects on top of electrical gadgets, especially those kept in cabinets or under television stands. It’s vital to remove as much dust as possible with the towel.

Turn your Xbox off at the wall every week or so and clean it with a dry lint-free or microfibre cloth or a microfibre duster. The microfiber substance will guarantee that dust adheres to the fabric rather than just moving it around and perhaps sending it into the vents, worsening the situation.

Removing The Dust From Inside Xbox One

There are two primary techniques for cleaning your Xbox One fan. First, you can make use of an air compressor; This is the most secure technique. The second approach involves opening your Xbox One and cleaning the fan. However, if you have no prior expertise with this type of procedure, it is pretty risky.

here we’ll look at both methods:

Compressed Air

You may have noticed dust on the sides and top of the console and also in the vents. It can sometimes affect the game’s performance. To resolve this problem, use compressed air to clear away the dust. The pressurized air may force dirt out faster than a damp cloth or pad. Of course, you’ll be blowing much dust into the air, but this will eventually fall back on your Xbox. So let it a few minutes, then return with the cleaning cloth and quickly wipe it down.

Note: While utilizing compressed air, Always use the minor head and apply the slightest pressure. Also, try to do short bursts.

How to open up Xbox One?

You may also open your Xbox One to clean the fan. However, if you have no prior expertise with this type of procedure, it is pretty risky. But if you are confident enough, here is how to clean Xbox one by opening it:

  1. First, ensure your Xbox is turned off and unplugged. Turn it over, and you’ll notice two Torx T10 screws holding the lid in place. Remove both screws using a Torx T10 screwdriver.
  2. After removing the upper cover, locate and gently remove five additional screws on the device’s top.
  3. Disconnect the single ribbon cable from the front of the machine. If required, use tweezers. Turn it over and remove the final set of screws. By eliminating this metal backplate, you will have full access to your Xbox One X’s fan and heat sink.

Blow away any dust that has gathered in the fan and heat sink using your compressed air can.

When you’re through, all you have to do is reassemble your Xbox One and enjoy your game without having to deal with an unreasonably loud fan!

The Best Way To Clean Xbox One Controllers

Unlike your console, disinfectant wipes may get used on Xbox (just not on the Elite edition). Rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth can also be used.

But while it may be tempting to just run a moist towel over the controller’s body, you should avoid doing so. Moisture seeping inside and close to the electrical parts within the controller can produce problems that no one wants to deal with

Taking Xbox One Controller Apart

If you still have to clean your Xbox controller, you’ll need to disassemble it. But this is a complex procedure, so proceed at your own risk.

  1. Remove the batteries from your controller first.
  2. Remove the handle cover by peeling it away from the handle.
  3. You’ll see four screws, two on each handle, once you’ve removed them. Using a TR8 bit, unscrew them and place them in your magnetic parts tray.
  4. Finally, hold the controller’s front and carefully poke at the sticker in the battery slot. You’ll stumble upon a bit of a hole. Gently pierce it with your screwdriver to uncover additional screw. This screw is now the only thing that holds your controller together. If you take it out, your controller will come apart.
  5. Use your screwdriver to penetrate it to reveal another screw gently. The only thing holding your controller together is this screw.

You may remove the back by pushing it down and back once it gets removed. The front should detach from the body. Now Using a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol, wipe around the keys and analog joysticks once again; This is relatively simple because the buttons are held in place by an inside plastic cover.

Final Thoughts

That’s all! After cleaning your Xbox One system and controllers, you may return to playing your favorite games. If you’re concerned about the quality of your Xbox One’s fan, you should take it to a Microsoft-approved repair expert for a thorough cleaning. Although it will not be free, it will probably be less expensive than buying a new console. How to see if someone is active on Instagram? Read here.