how to find the path of a network drive windows 10

How to Find the Path of a Network Drive Windows 10?

When the network drive gets mapped, you may swiftly exchange data between computers at work or at home. Any changes you make to a file on a mapped drive will be visible to all devices with permission to access the drive. But people often wonder How To Find The Path Of A Network Drive Windows 10 on a PC or gadget.

If you’re wondering the same thing, you’ve come to the correct spot. This article shows how to map a network drive in Windows 10.

A Network Drive’s Mapping

Many customers enjoy how simple it is to map a network drive since it allows it to access all devices on the same LAN. Setting up a network drive would be a dependable approach to transfer data amongst coworkers or just stream movies from one area to the next. All devices with access to the network drive will be able to see the data. Rather than downloading or duplicating the same material to all your devices, you may store it in a single folder, share it, and make it accessible to other devices.

After you’ve shared the data’s location through a UNC path, you may map the network drive to all your devices in a few easy steps. To connect to and use the network drive, everyone requires the path and password, but most users don’t Know How To Find The Path Of A Network Drive Windows 10

Before moving towards How To Find The Path Of A Network Drive Windows 10, let us discuss how to map a network drive first

  • Step#1: Open the File Explorer program. File Explorer may get accessed by entering it into the search box in Windows or by selecting the folder icon on your taskbar at the bottom of your screen.
  • Step#2: From the left pane, choose This PC
  • Step#3: From the top menu, choose Select Computer > Map network drive
  • Step#4: Choose the drive letter for the network disk you want to map, then provide the UNC path in the Folder text field before clicking Finish.
  • Step#5: If asked for credentials, type the credentials for an account that has the necessary rights to access the file/folder and then click OK

Note: You can’t create a mapped drive letter if the network machine or folder is unavailable or offline.

How To Find The Path Of A Network Drive Windows 10

There are two approaches for determining the network drive’s route. The first uses the command prompt, while the second makes use of the file explorer. Because many Windows users believe the command prompt is challenging, we’ll utilize the file explorer approach first and discuss the Command prompt method

Method#1: File Explorer

If you regularly use a shared network folder, consider mapping it to a drive letter in your PC’s mass storage system. Here’s How To Find The Path Of A Network Drive Windows 10 using file explorer

  • Step#1: Follow the same 1 to 2 steps from the mapping method mentioned above
  • Step#2: Now, under “Network Locations,” double-click on the mapped disk.
  • Step#3: The network drive will open, and at the top, you can observe the network drive’s path.

Method#2: Command Port

Follow the steps below.

  • Step#1: To use the command terminal, type “cmd” at the command prompt. It may get done by typing “cmd” into the start menu’s search box or by hitting the “Windows key” and the letter “R” at the same time to bring up the “Run” box on your screen and then typing “cmd” into it. After entering the Command, hit “OK” to launch the command terminal.
  • Step#2: Once opened, To proceed, run the command NET USE in the Command Prompt window and press Enter. Multiple columns will appear on the screen displaying all mapped network drive information.
  • Step#3: The Four Column that you will see are as follow
    1. Column 1 Title: “Status”: It shows the network got mapped or not currently.
    2. Columnn 2 Title: “Local”: It shows the drive’s letter currently mapped.
    3. Column 2 Title: “Remote”: This column solves your query To Find The Path Of A Network Drive, as it shows the complete address of the drive that got currently mapped.
    4. Column 2 Title: “Network”: It shows the network where your drive got mapped.

Bonus Information: Find the Path of Shared Folder

Since you already know how to discover the path to a network drive, we’ll show you how to determine the path to a shared folder using another way. A shared folder is essential for Windows users who want to exchange files between machines on the same LAN network. Follow the steps below

  • Step#1: Using the same “Command Prompt” approach, you can get the path to the shared folder on Windows 10. Follow the same 1 to 2 steps from the method mentioned above
  • Step#2: Between these two ways, there is the only difference in the Command. Instead of “net usage,” you should put “net share.”
  • Step#3: Command port will display the network drive and shared folder paths.

How to Unmap Network Drive

If you wish to unmap a network drive, follow the steps below.

Step#1: Right-click on the network disk you want to unmap

Step#2: Choose Disconnect from the drop-down menu that displays the options.

Note: If it’s in a network folder or FTP site, right-click and select Delete.

Bottom Line

Users can explore a network more easily and rapidly using mapped disks. When working in Windows Explorer, My Computer, or software program dialogue boxes like Open or Save, you may quickly point and click to access network resources using mapped devices. If it doesn’t work, speak with your network administrator. You now know how to use the method described above to find the path of a network drive, which will undoubtedly help you.

If you can’t access a network drive or folder, it’s possible that the machine you’re attempting to connect to is off or that you don’t have the proper rights.

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