10 MS Word Alternatives for MacBook Owners

10 Microsoft Word Alternatives for MacBook Owners

10 MS Word Alternatives for MacBook Owners

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processors in the world, and it has been used by writers, editors, students, and professionals for decades.

But if you’re a Mac owner, you may find that Microsoft Word doesn’t always give you the best experience.

so what is the best 10 microsoft word alternativesFor example, you might need help figuring out how to install a font in Word because you need one for your work.

Or, the app could need to include crucial features. Not to mention that only some people are fans of the UI and would prefer something else.

Fortunately, you have plenty of other options, for which we will mention 10 Microsoft word alternatives.


This Apple-developed alternative to Microsoft Word features an intuitive interface that makes creating documents a breeze.

It also offers top-notch compatibility with Pages on iOS devices, allowing users to quickly transfer documents between their computer and mobile devices.

Plus, Pages comes standard with many Macs, so it’s completely free.


Whether you require simple word processing or complex spreadsheets and databases.

LibreOffice has everything one needs without costing an arm and a leg.

The open-source productivity suite is available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux and fully supports all major document formats.

Such as .docx and .ppt files from Microsoft Office.

Nisus Writer Pro

Suppose you are a severe novelist or journalist who needs powerful writing tools such as auto-correction for spelling mistakes or advanced document indexing capabilities.

In that case, Nisus Writer Pro is your best bet.

With its customizable toolbars and innovative text formatting features for everything from publishing manuscripts to coding HTML pages in one application,

this app is designed for serious writers of all kinds.

Google Docs

This online alternative to MS Word gives users access to their documents from anywhere on any device with an internet connection.

Ideal if your work involves frequent travel or collaboration with colleagues across multiple locations.


This cloud-based office suite allows teams to collaborate more efficiently by integrating spreadsheets, chat rooms,

and task management into one streamlined platform

perfect for active remote groups that need fast communication solutions.

Quip also allows users to share documents in real-time while tracking changes as they happen,

so nothing slips through the cracks ever again.

You are in control and have an easier time avoiding potential errors this way.

Apache OpenOffice

Another open-source Microsoft Word alternative (and equivalent office suites), Apache Open Office,

provides a complete set of tools without paying upfront.

Plus, it runs on both Windows and MacOS platforms.

With its powerful interface design tools like drawing shapes and inserting images directly into text boxes,

Apache OpenOffice is ideal for any creative project requiring just a little more than basic text editing capabilities.


If you are looking for something lightweight yet powerful enough for note-taking and quick writing projects alike, then Bear should be your go-to choice.

Featuring Markdown support (for quickly formatting text into headings/quotes/etc.)

As well as cross-device syncing capabilities via iCloud, Bear will ensure your notes are always where they need to be no matter what device you use them on.


For authors who need extra control over their writing projects, look no further than Mellel

the perfect combination of an easy learning curve & advanced typographical options tailored specifically towards novelists & nonfiction writers alike.

From generating bibliographies & footnotes automatically (with live previews.)

to insert bookmarks & hyperlinks inside your texts,

Mellel sets itself apart from other word processors with its ability to help authors create truly professional-level works of art every time they sit down at their laptops or desktop computers.


This app turns your device into an advanced note-taking machine that combines handwriting recognition & transcription capabilities and digital ink annotation tools at your fingertips.

Notability is perfect if you want the freedom & flexibility offered by the digital ability to write while still having access to some of the traditional pen & paper features found in classic notebooks & pads too.

Whether making digital sketches during brainstorming sessions or capturing audio recordings while jotting down notes during lectures,

the app will ensure all your ideas are brought together in one organized format that can easily be shared later.


Suppose writing entire books or lengthy articles is what you do best.

In that case, Ulysses might be the ideal software solution for getting those tasks done quickly & efficiently.

This powerful program provides dedicated interfaces built specifically around long-form texts (such as novels).

The interface includes special organization tools such as keyword tagging & library sorting functions not found in regular word processors either.

Ready to start turning those exciting ideas into award-winning literary pieces right away? Ulysses can help make that happen faster than ever before,

too, so be sure to check this tool as well.