how to use invisible ink on ios 10

How To Use Invisible Ink On iOS 10 – Most Awaited Tech Guide Is Here

We’ll go over how to use invisible Ink on iOS 10. Both users must be Apple consumers to benefit from these texting features.

People value secrecy, and nearly all messaging applications and platforms work to secure their consumers’ interactions. End-to-end encrypted, safe communication and other methods are available to shield our interactions from cyber intruders.

So how about we hide our conversations from the folks who are all staring at our smartphones simultaneously? On the other hand, Apple has provided a simple yet effective answer to this issue referred to as the “invisible ink” effect. The primary goal of these effects is to alter the appearance of texts on the iPhone.

Read on to learn more about this popular function in Apple devices and how to manage it.

What Is Invisible Link on iOS?

Invisible Ink allows you to send a text or a picture in a text that appears as dispersed dots unless swiped over either you or a recipient if you ever want some caution.

When you deliver a text with Invisible Ink, and the recipient opens it, the text reverts to its previous form (dispersed dots) after a brief time. It implies that nobody can see until you tap the text, which could be a terrific method to send clandestine communications.

Note: These get referred to as bubble effects. The texting bubble feature made its first appearance in iOS 10 around 2016.

There are several situations when you pull out your iPhone to view texts in the presence of numerous familiar and unidentified persons. If someone looks at your cell during these times, the messages will get displayed, and they may read them.

You may conceal the message’s contents by employing the invisible ink feature. Unless you slide over the text, it will be visible. Let’s look at how to use invisible Ink on iOS 10.

How To Use Invisible Ink On iOS 10?

It is simple; the functionality has been introduced to the chat app and may get used there. Follow the instructions.

  • Go to Messages.
  • Choose the person for whom you wish to compose the message.
  • In the text box, type your message.
  • Holding down the Send arrow brings up the bubble features screen.
  • From the display, choose the invisible ink option.
  • To deliver the text, click the Send option.

The message will now get obscured by a text layer, rendering it unreadable. It will get displayed in the same manner on the receivers’ end. Swipe over the text to read it. However, the message will vanish in a matter of seconds, and the layer will reappear, concealing the message.

Note: Bubble effects are incredibly entertaining. They may visibly offer more feelings to the message than just writing it or including a handful of emoticons; it may convey some emotion when a person views the text.

This effect may also get used to delivering image messages. It is pretty handy since it will conceal your discussion and prevent anybody glancing at your mobile screen from reading the message.

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What If Your Imessage Application Doesn’t Show Invisible Ink Feature?

Some customers have stated that even upgrading to iOS 10 or newer updates, they cannot see this feature. So, even though you know how to use invisible Ink on iOS 10, it will be of no use.

Well, it’s not a big problem; it’s since one of your options gets turned off, which disables the function. Here’s how to make things right.

  • Navigate to the settings menu.
  • Go to “accessibility” from the menu.
  • Navigate to the bottom till you locate the “reduce motion” checkbox, then toggle it off and attempt the invisible ink function again. It should function normally.

Additional bubble effects for messaging

As previously said, invisible Ink is only one of numerous bubble effects coming with iOS 10. Although the invisible effect gets designed to safeguard our privacy, other effects might add emotion to our communication. Let’s have a look at them quickly.

Slam: Even as the name implies, this effect will smash your message into your receiver’s display. It’s a wonderful effect that you can utilize to show amazement or as a handshake. Once the effect gets employed, other texts may get seen receiving a jolt when the text “slams” into the display.

Loud: Message will expand the text before gradually shrinking it to its original size. It can get utilized to add emphasis to a message.

Gentle: The reverse of loud occurs gently, and the message will shrink to a smaller size before restoring to its full size. It is equivalent to suggesting something has a low volume to “maintain it lower.”

Remember that some functions are only available on iPhones. It implies that the sender and the recipient must be Apple users. Furthermore, both smartphones should be running iOS 10 or above, and these functions will not function else.

Note: The majority of iMessage’s functionalities will be incompatible with Android. For example, suppose you transmit an animated emoticon to an Android smartphone, and in that case, it will usually simply display an emoji with no effects.

Snapchat ghost mode Vs Invisible Ink

Snapchat’s ghost mode is not compatible with the invisible ink function. The ghost mode allows you to erase a text after the recipient reads it immediately. Instagram has a function similar to this in image messaging.

When you deliver an image message, they can only see it once. However, when you use invisible Ink on an iPhone message, it does not obliterate the message.

The message is always present, but the content gets concealed under a text layer. So it’s a different encryption strategy than the others, and it addresses a distinct aspect of the privacy of your communications.

Bottom Line

As you saw, it was pretty easy to utilize the invisible ink function on your iOS 10. In this manner, someone looking past your shoulder won’t see your message. So you may always be able to text peacefully.