How to set google maps as default on iPhone

How To Set Google Maps As Default On iPhone – Let’s Learn

Google Maps is popular among consumers, especially since it integrates nicely with the other Google products. However, iPhone users would not get the application by default and rely on Apple Maps. We all know that Apple is obsessed with building a closed software ecosystem. The company likes to employ first-party services wherever possible. So you’re wondering How to set google maps as default on iPhone? You must be ready to make certain compromises to utilize Google Maps as your iPhone’s default map app.

You can’t select Google Maps as the default on iOS versions before 12. However, on iOS 12, 13, and 14, it is now easy to choose Google Maps as the default. The method is challenging even in these editions.

Why Do Apple Users Go For Google Maps?

Google Maps also outperforms Apple Maps in so many aspects, notably in the following:

  • Show better Street view
  • Tell you all about Public transportation
  • Traveling to new locations
  • The Best Navigation

How To Set Google Maps As Default On iPhone?

So how to set google maps on default on iPhone? Is it possible? Both yes and no! On the iPhone, you cannot make Google Maps the default app. Apple does not provide an official option for making Google Platform applications the default on iPhones.

The iPhone does not allow you to adjust the display settings for any map program, including Google Maps. However, you may change the settings for many other default apps, such as the browser. We must configure the other Google applications associated with Google Maps application so that it may get set as the default on iPhones or iPad.

Installing Google Chrome and Gmail is required to make Google Maps your default. Both applications will operate together and even allow you to choose Google Maps as your preferred map application. You may skip using Apple Maps more than possible with the correct settings.

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Switching from Mail to Gmail on iPhone

To make your life as easy as possible, it’s critical to realize that Google Maps get designed to work with all their services. You are using it as your primary map tool gives you adaptability. Since they’re the two most significant apps to utilize, you should use Chrome as your online browser and Gmail as your email client.

Apple’s Mail app is quite simple, but the Gmail app allows you to tap into the Google account for an improved connection. Furthermore, following some tweaks, when you touch on addresses in Gmail, you’ll be sent to Google Maps rather than compelled to use Apple Maps.

  • Navigate to the iPhone’s Settings app.
  • Search for the Gmail app.
  • Make a decision.
  • Choose “Default Mail App” from the drop-down menu.
  • From the list of available options, select Gmail.

So now that Gmail is the default mail app on the iPhone, it’s time to tweak the program’s settings.

  • Gmail for iOS will get launched.
  • In the top left corner, tap the menu symbol.
  • Scroll down to “Settings.”
  • Choose “Default Apps.”
  • Select “Google Maps” under “Navigate from Your Location.”
  • Repeat the process for “Navigate Between Locations.”

Set Google Chrome as your default browser on iPhone

  • Go to Settings and choose Chrome as the default browser.
  • Look for and choose Chrome.
  • From the drop-down option, choose Default Browser App.
  • Then select Chrome.
  • Chrome is now the iPhone’s default browser. When you click on a location, the phone will now ask you if you want to open it in Google Maps or Apple Maps. As this step is crucial for How to set google maps as default on iPhone
  • When you touch on a location within an email in the Gmail app, you can utilize Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Problems With IOS 14 and Switching Default Apps

If you’re still on iOS 14 and haven’t upgraded to the latest updates. In that case, you may encounter several issues after completing the procedures outlined above. After the new favorite app got upgrades, several problems reverted your default applications to Apple’s factory defaults. After upgrading Chrome, you’d have to go through the steps again.

While Apple has made improvements, those who have not upgraded to the latest iOS versions may experience issues. It is typically good to update to the most recent iOS version. The only exception would be if the most current patch had severe mistakes and problems.

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Jail-Breaking your iPhone

If you don’t mind jailbreaking your phone, this is the easiest way how to set google maps as default on iPhone. You’ll never have to choose between alternatives again since you’ve forced the iPhone to choose Google Maps as the preferred app.

We highly encourage you to back up your important data before jailbreaking. That way, you’ll be able to save it for later. Though jailbreaking an iPhone might appear complicated, several instructional and how-to websites are accessible.

Search for guidelines by iOS version and iPhone model for the best results. MapsOpener, which is entirely free to use, is the program you should download after jailbreaking the iPhone.

Deleting Apple Map

Some preloaded apps, such as Apple Maps, can be removed from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Even if you erase Apple Maps, the default option for Google Maps will remain the same.

Final Thought

To sum up, after being misled by Apple Maps for a while, iPhone users have grown to appreciate third-party map programs such as Google Maps. However, Apple has disabled the tendency to change from Apple Maps to third-party navigation software as the default.

There are appropriate alternatives based on the iPhone’s various operating systems. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with the solutions listed above until Apple allows users to replace Apple Maps with Google Maps. It’s inconvenient and has often resulted in issues.