How To Add A Life Event On Facebook – Updated With Newest Method

Congratulations! You’ve just reached a huge milestone – you’ve got a new job, traveled, been married, had a kid, or done something completely different. So you want to spread your joy with everybody you know. Facebook’s “Life Events” function addressed that desire, but it never seemed like yelling from a mountaintop until today. But now you might be thinking about how to add a life event on Facebook? Keep on reading to know all about the life events of Facebook.

What is Life Events on Facebook?

Life events on Facebook are an excellent opportunity to share, celebrate, and gather with family and friends around your most significant essential achievements. Life events on Facebook are distinguishable from other ordinary moments, just as they are in real life.

We’re updating this feature to provide you with additional opportunities to mark significant life events. And let your contacts see these critical milestones so that these occasions stand out even more.

It may amass a collection of your life memories for you to reminisce over as time passes. It may gather a collection of your life memories for you to reflect on as time passes.

Furthermore, people shared how these experiences define who they are and act as anchor stages of the lifespan. We’ve included a section on profiles that emphasize life events to reflect this.

It may help you discover something about your contacts and possible connections and provide you with a new method to recall and remember your significant experiences.

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How to add a life event on Facebook – Steps

Are you enthusiastic about posting a new Life Event now that you realize what you can accomplish with this new feature? Let’s go through it step by step for how to add a life event on Facebook

Go to Profile

Go to your Facebook account. You can do so by clicking the humanoid symbol at the bottom of your screen or selecting the three-line menu icon in the bottom right.

When you’re on the profile, go to the section where you’d typically post a status update. Under the question “What’s on your mind?” you’ll see “Life Events.”

Choose the category

You may select from several similar Life Events on Facebook. If what you wish to contribute does not fit into any of these categories, you can use the last option, “Create Your Own.”

Following that, another page will display, asking you to indicate what type of event. When you select it, a list of life event alternatives gets provided, divided into personal and professional (job) life categories.

You can stay up to date on current happenings in the fields of work and education, family or relationships, home and living, health and wellbeing, and travel and adventure. Each Life event contains sub-categories that allow you to pick the appropriate choice to broadcast on your timeline easily.

For example, if you have recently married. If you’re eager to share a life event on your timeline, head to Family and Relationships and then to Marriage life event. When you select the Marriage Life Event category, Facebook will prompt you to input the event details. You may also add a brief essay about a fantastic photo or video that you’d like to share.

Choose an Image

It is where the significant feature components come into play! Facebook provides you with filler photographs straight away, which you may retain if you like.

Alternatively, choose the “Photos/Videos” option to select from your photo library or animation art suggested by Facebook, depending on the occasion. You may choose as many images as you like to represent the event.

Choose an Icon

The new “Life Events” feature also allows you to customize the small icon in the centre of your post to represent the event. To browse the options, click on the symbol.

Fill out the remaining

Fill in the blanks by tagging any relevant profiles, sites, or places and writing a description of the event. When you get finished, click Next.

A pop-up box will open, prompting you to choose how to distribute the information. You have total control over who views it in your news feed on Facebook. In addition to this functionality, Facebook also allows you to choose who will view this event on the timeline.

You may make your event visible to the general public, and you may also make it visible just to your friends. You can also keep it for yourself.

Share it

Then choose Share. The Life Event has got added to your account underneath the new “Life Events” area, and your friends will get notified that you have posted one when you’re finished. Then you’re set to go with many likes, comments, and well-wishes from your pals on your life event.

That’s how you add life events to Facebook, and I hope you have no problem doing so in the future.

How to edit Life Events on Facebook?

Now you know how to add a life event on Facebook? But what if you want to edit it or delete it? Follow the steps below:

  • Click “About” on your Facebook account page, just below your cover photo.
  • Choose “Life Events” at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar.
  • Locate the life event you wish to change and click on it.
  • Click the three dots in the upper right of the life event pop-up window.
  • Choose “Edit Life Event” in the drop-down option or “Erase Life Event” if you want to delete it.
  • If you choose to modify, change the event’s information as desired, and click “Save.”

Final Thought

Milestones in our life’s path include life events. Birthdays, marriage ceremonies, anniversaries, expecting a baby, children born, accomplishments, new pets, beginning new relationships, and many more Life Events top the list on Facebook.

And, thanks to Facebook’s enhanced version, your significant moments will now seem and feel large to the whole Facebook community. You’ll also be good at holding track of and appreciating your relationships. Overall, it is a significant Facebook update.