How To Charge Nintendo Switch

How to Charge Nintendo Switch Fast and Efficiently?

The mobility of the Nintendo Switch distinguishes it from all other home consoles. Even if you detach it from its screen, you may continue to play wherever you go. However, if your Switch’s battery dies, the fun is gone until you reconnect to a power source. Unfortunately, the Switch’s battery life isn’t very lengthy. So you might be wondering how to charge Nintendo Switch?

Once you understand how to charge Nintendo Switch controllers, you’ll get set for a long gaming session on your system. Your Nintendo Switch controllers must be charged regularly, depending on the pad you’re using.

Recognizing Your Nintendo Switch Device

Before we get into the many ways to recharge the Nintendo Switch, it’s essential to understand each model’s battery capacity and power needs. The Nintendo Switch has a robust internal Lithium-ion battery that enables several hours of play anywhere, whether in handheld or tabletop mode.

However, the battery life may vary depending on the two Nintendo Switch versions you purchase. The two Nintendo Switch versions may get distinguished from one another thanks to a serial number on the system’s back. Also, on the other aspects of these two versions, such as the games you play, screen brightness, and volume level.

  • New Nintendo Switch
  • Original Nintendo Switch

The New Nintendo Switch has a battery life of 4:15 hours when tested on Maximum Settings with full brightness, sound, and Wifi turned on. The Original Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite, on the other hand, last 3:25 hours and 2:45 hours, respectively.

How to charge Nintendo Switch – Methods

Let’s jump to the primary goal, i.e., how to charge Nintendo Switch? Well, charging the Nintendo Switch in console mode is simple, while charging the Joy-Cons might be difficult. Here’s how to charge the Switch, as well as check the Switch’s battery life in the following ways:

Charging Nintendo Switch with Power Adaptor

We know it seems simple, but none of us is immune to just forgetting that the Switch didn’t have as much battery as we believed. The screen will usually light up with a battery indicator suggesting that it needs to get charged. Even so, if it’s empty, it won’t be able to do so. Use the official Nintendo Switch Power Adapter that came with the device to charge it for at least an hour. You’d be surprised how often this works.

Charging Nintendo Switch with Power source

The charging connector on the bottom of all Nintendo Switch versions is USB-C. Any USB-C cable attached to a power source, such as a tablet smartphone charger, battery pack, PC, or USB hub, may be used to charge it in an emergency. Depending on the power source, the rate at which the battery recharges (and whether it powers the Switch for play) varies greatly.

Charging Nintendo Switch with Power Bank

You may charge your Power Bank using the same USB-C cable that you use to power your Nintendo Switch. It’s an intriguing concept for when you need to charge the Switch battery on the go and don’t have access to a socket with an electrical current.

Charging Nintendo Switch with Car Adaptor

It is another excellent solution for keeping your Switch powered when driving long distances by automobile. Because of the charger’s lengthy cord, you may comfortably sit in the rear of the car while it is hooked into the car lighter. This option is identical to the other ones, except it uses a different adaptor.

This vehicle adapter for charging cellphones may also get used to charging the Nintendo Switch’s battery through the USB port that is already standard in new automobiles. To avoid setup troubles and damage to your Switch, double-check the voltage.

Charging Nintendo Switch with Computer

If you always have a USB-C cable with you, you may charge the Nintendo Switch in a free USB port on your PC while working or studying. It will most likely be a slower load than the other ways we discussed. Still, it is a viable option for charging your Nintendo Switch without a charger.

What If Nintendo Switch is Not Charging?

Apart from knowing How To Charge Nintendo Switch, you should also know what to do when it’s not charging. It isn’t easy to play your Nintendo Switch if it stops charging for whatever reason. Then following are some are of some of the reasons:

  • An issue with the outlet, such as a blown fuse, will be the first item to address.
  • The charging adaptor might be dirty or defective.
  • The connection points in the USB-C charging port on the Nintendo Switch might be unclean or defective.
  • If you use the Dock to charge your Nintendo Switch, the Dock might get broken
  • You may be using an incompatible third-party adapter. The Switch console is incompatible with several third-party peripherals.

Because the Switch can stop charging for a variety of reasons, there are several ways to resolve the issue, including:

  • The outlet you’re using to charge your Switch may be malfunctioning. Plug another gadget’s cable into the outlet and check whether the device that utilizes it receives power.
  • Check that all wires are correctly in place if you primarily charge your Nintendo Switch with the Dock. It’s conceivable that anything shifted.
  • When the Switch’s battery is nearly empty, the battery indicator shows on the top left side of the screen instead of the usual upper-right. Leave the console plugged into the charger overnight to see if it works.

If you’ve tried everything and your Nintendo Switch still won’t charge, you should seek professional assistance. If you’ve tried everything and your Nintendo Switch still won’t charge, you should seek professional help.

Final Thought

To sum up, we are confident that the preceding strategies and the ways for when the Switch stops operating will assist you in charging your Nintendo Switch. If none of the methods works, you should seek expert assistance.

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